ROTEX Exercise Program



1. Handheld - Pre-Activation - Activates every rotator and stabilizer throughout the body. 8-10 complete revolutions, takes about 30 seconds. Brings the body to a fully active and ready state - for movement, speed, power and full range of motion.

2. Handheld - Pre-Activation - Hip Flexor Release - Releases the three muscle groups that cause the most tightness around the hip and lower back area. These muscles will automatically be released when the hips turn into the resistance of the handheld machine, as shown. 5-8 per side.

3. Handheld - Pre-Activation - Lat, Shoulder, Low Back Release - Important to raise the elbow as high as possible and bend the body to stretch the lat first. THEN turn the handle inward until it stops. Perform about 5-8 continuous reps per side for complete lat, shoulder, and low back release. 

4. Handheld - Endurance - Total Body - Turn full body with feet flat on the floor, and turn each way until the handheld comes to a complete stop. Turn 25 full revolutions, at the level of the navel and then the level of the sternum. Turn the device with different parts of your body. 

5. Handheld - Resistance - The Key - This video is to show the difference between devices with no resistance and the ROTEX handheld device, which has increasing resistance. Perfect Pushup is a wonderful tool for pushups, allowing the shoulders to correctly rotate to prevent damage and exercise the correct muscles.

 6. Handheld - Shoulder and Shoulder Blade - Rotate the bottom of the shoulder blade as far as possible against the resistance of the handheld and hold for 2 seconds each revolution, after the handle stops. Super activates the muscle most responsible for smooth movement, speed, and range of motion of the shoulder and transfer of energy from the body to the arm.

7. Handheld - Z-Plane - Speed and Spinal Health - This video explains the central point of the Z-Plane and how this one spot is able to turn the entire body in the proper sequence, all together at once - in the backswing, downswing and through swing. 

8. Handheld - Recovery for Total Body - Use the same three exercises as used for Activation, Exercises 1, 2, 3 in this playlist. As we do these exercises, we release the muscles that were made tight and stiff during workout, practice, play, or activity.

9. Combo 1 - Counter-Rotation in Z-Plane - Assures the lower spine is released in the Z-Plane before turning the lower body against it. Turn the ROTEX Handheld first, and the lower spine joints glide upon themselves, instead of jamming. This allows the body to get to much greater ranges of motion in the hips and torso with much less stress or strain.

10. Combo 2 - Lead Side Hip Internal Rotation - Range of Motion - Elemental in helping golfers get the feel of getting the left side up and to the left as fast as possible. It opens up the torso against a strong resistance from the ROTEX Floor Model as the hip and ankle are rotated inward.