Question: How do I anchor the device to the wall?

Answer: Maybe the most unique thing about this ROTEXGolf handheld device is that no anchor is needed, so you can use it anywhere - against a door, wall, golf cart shield, sturdy window, mirror, and my favorite is that I use it on my car window every time I stop at a rest stop (it keeps me loose throughout the trip). The rubber feet on the bottom of the machine will allow you to use the machine on virtually any flat surface once you get the hang of it. Just press it hard enough that it doesn't slip while you are doing your exercises. 


Question: How can I increase the resistance if I want?

Answer: Before you place the device on the surface where you will be using it, just turn the bottom of the handle about 45° in the direction you will be turning it. This will increase the resistance substantially since you will have to work harder to compress the spring tension. Turn it 90° in the same direction before placing it on the surface and it will get even more difficult to turn.


Question: How can a device that rotates in only one plane be useful for the three dimensional motion used in the golf swing?

Answer: When the hands are holding the ROTEXGolf handheld, the body automatically starts making the side bending motion so important in golf – that is the part of the golf swing most amateurs are missing. The further the handle is turned, once the side bending reaches its limit, the body naturally begins rotating. With just a few visual or verbal cues, a person who has never even held a golf club in their hands can learn the same basic body movements as good players.


Question: Why can’t I do all the exercises you show without this ROTEXGolf device?

Answer: You can definitely do the exercises without the device or a device that has no tension. The benefit you receive when using the ROTEXGolf device is the added ‘feel’ that you get from the increasingly strong resistance. It develops the proper sequential motion of the golf swing so much quicker by creating a stronger and longer lasting mind-body connection. It is actually the fast track for developing, refining, or grooving an excellent golf swing.

Question: Can the device be used by left handers?

Answer: Yes, the device has perfectly symmetrical motion in both directions and has exactly the same tension and resistance on both sides. Another important reason the device can be used in both directions is to unwind movement patterns created by one-sided exercises, for left and right handers.