Exercise Program Instructions

This is the recommended sequence and frequency of daily exercise with the ROTEX handheld (watch all the videos on our site to make sure you have a clear understanding of how and why to do the exercises).

* NO MOUNT REQUIRED - There is no mount required to use the handheld. Just place it firmly on a course surface like a door or wall, or something like sturdy window, golf cart windshield or a mounted mirror. Place it firmly enough so that it doesn't slip with use, but not firmly enough that it is difficult to turn. 

** HOW TO INCREASE TENSION - Increase tension of any exercise by pre-setting the bottom of the handle in the same direction as the turn. The further in the direction the bottom of the handle is turned, the more the tension increases and the more difficult the exercise becomes. 

PRE-ACTIVATION SERIES - These three next activation and release exercises will get the body as ready rotationally as possible in a little over a minute. 

1 - Begin with PRE-ACTIVATION 1. Two times a day (morning and evening), everyday (10 revolutions each way). ALSO, on top of twice a day, do about 10 revolutions each way just prior to golf and after golf. It serves as a reset to the joint and muscle system. This exercise prepares the entire body for dynamic rotational movement, getting it as ready as possible to perform and also to reduce strain and stiffness.

2 - Continue with PRE-ACTIVATION 2. 6 revolutions each way, hold for 2-3 seconds each time full pivot is reached. This exercise helps you release tight hips and lower back prior to and after workout, practice or play. 

3 - Continue with PRE-ACTIVATION 3. Release the lats, which releases the shoulders and lower back. Perform 3-5 full release each side as shown in the video. 

4 - CREATING ENDURANCE - OFF DAYS with NO GOLF - Simply, do 25 complete revolutions (turn to a stop all the way one way, then the other, is one complete revolution), each time bringing the ROTEX handle to a complete, audible STOP. Don't count your revolution unless you hear the sound of the stop. For the first 25 revolutions, the handheld will be at the same height as your navel. NO REST. The next 25 revolutions will be at the same height as your breast bone. (As you are doing them, pay attention to creating the movement with various parts of your body, such as the bottoms of your feet, the inside of your thighs, your shoulders, the outsides of your hips, your forearms, your hands.) You should hear 100 loud, audible clicks from the handheld coming to a complete stop in this exercise.

5 – USING RESISTANCE - Get into a golf stance and work on your body sequence. The resistance of the handheld device will put extra demands on different parts of the sequence. If you have any doubts about the resistance, hold the device with one hand in front of the same side shoulder. Turn it with your forearm until it comes to a locked position. If that is too easy, turn the bottom of the handheld about 30° in the same direction of the turn. Turn it until it stops. As you keep turning it with only your forearm, you should feel your shoulder, obliques, hips, and ankle begin to help with the movement. This helps your body groove a rotational sequence from the hands to the feet. 

6 - SHOULDER BLADE - Twice a day, as Pre-Activation and Recovery. The shoulder blade is the transmission of energy from the body into the arm. The key exercise you can do with the handheld to make sure the shoulder blade moves smoothly on the correct path and as fast and as powerfully as possible, turn the handheld as far as possible until the bottom of the shoulder blade is as close to the spine as possible. Hold for 3 seconds as you turn against the stopped action of the handheld. Repeat 5 times each side. 

7 - Z-PLANE - Swinging in the Z-PLANE is the key to reduced stress and strain on the lower back, pelvis and hips. Use any part of the body and turn that body part parallel to the wall against the resistance of the handheld. You will soon see that all parts of the body move exactly the same every time. "Muscles that fire together, wire together." You can train various parts of the body to make a consistent backswing and powerful downswing, using the Z-PLANE. 

8 - RECOVERY - Repeat 1, 2, 3 above. It is very important to spend a little time to get all the muscles and joints back to a neutral position after workout, practice or play. Active recovery is one of the most overlooked aspects of enhanced performance. 

9. Combo 1 - Counter-Rotation in Z-Plane (Advanced Exercise) - Assures the lower spine is released in the Z-Plane before turning the lower body against it. Turn the ROTEX Handheld first, and the lumbar spine joints glide upon themselves, instead of jamming. This allows the body to get to much greater ranges of motion in the hips and torso with much less stress or strain. ROTEXMotion.com

10. Combo 2 - Lead Side Hip Internal Rotation - Range of Motion (Advanced Exercise) - Elemental in helping golfers get the feel of getting the left side up and to the left as fast as possible. It opens up the torso against a strong resistance from the ROTEX Floor Model as the hip and ankle are rotated inward. ROTEXMotion.com