ROTEXGolf Blog #2 - Essentials of Improvement

The ROTEX handheld exercises are designed to help you improve the following:

Activation - turning on all essential small rotators, stabilizers and control muscles before practice, play or workout. This supports the entire golf swing and protects against strain and injury.

Range of Motion - being able to move through the entire golf swing without restriction is one of the keys to improvement and building desirable swing patterns. 

Strength - consistently working your joints, muscles, and all other tissues against a strong rotational resistance will produce the strength you need to support the movement, speed and repetition of the golf swing. 

Speed - when the nervous system feels that every part of the body is stable and supported, it will allow it to move as fast as possible, with no restrictions. 

Movement Sequence - constantly making the correct body movements against a strong resistance supports the ability for fast track learning. "Muscles that fire together, wire together."

Endurance - the body has the ability to make a consistent swing only when it is not experiencing fatigue. Working to achieve endurance will reduce the chance of fatigue on the practice range or on the course. 

Recovery - constantly returning the body to a neutral position and reducing compensation patterns after practice, play or workout is essential to long term improvements. 

Over the next several weeks, I will be explaining more about each of these separately. My intent is to give you the information you need to understand the WHY, HOW, WHEN, and HOW MUCH about the ROTEX handheld that will help you achieve your goals in golf. 

Very best, 

Dr. Joe LaCaze