ROTEXGolf Blog #1 - Welcome

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Let me introduce myself, I am Dr. Joe LaCaze, inventor and owner of ROTEXMotion and ROTEXGolf. I retired after 22 years as a Navy SEAL in 1992 because of severe low back and sciatic issues. Since then, I have spent the last 26 years learning everything I can about the body and physically working with clients and athletes to help them with injury reduction, performance and recovery.

In 2008, I invented ROTEX. It was a culmination of everything I had learned in clinical practice, assessing athletes, and working to improve the body for better performance. Since then, we have been exceptionally busy with research, testing, and working with institutions, teams (pro, college, Olympic), elite and recreational athletes.

To name a few, we have performed research and testing with the following institutions: Mayo Clinic, Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine, Louisiana Tech University, Woman’s Hospital Baton Rouge, Mississippi State Neuromechanics Lab, University of Tennessee, PGA of America, K-Vest, New Orleans Saints, and more.

We have learned and proved that with the ROTEX devices we can rapidly increase hip and shoulder motion, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, increase torso rotation, and that we have the best solutions for low back and hip issues, Frozen Shoulder and stress incontinence. 

Since you liked our FB Page, I would like to share some important information about the body with you in coming Blogs. This is information that is being used at the top levels of medicine and athletics, including golf exercise programs and elite golfers.

I personally look forward to your thoughts, feedback and ideas.

Sincerely, Dr. Joe LaCaze